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   Welcome to our new improved website!!

It’s all happening at ‘Life’s Little Bugs’…New improved books, new updated website and to top it all off a new app. Now there is no excuse to miss out on all the free downloads and activities to support those Little Life Lessons we are so keen to teach our young children.

You can keep up with any new books releases and keep on updating your collection from our online shop. There will be competitions, discounts and freebies and interesting information on our fun, educational workshops which you can purchase and use at home or in school.

Finally, we are very excited at winning the ‘Sylvia Anderson Award’ for the children’s author category and will be dedicating a feature page to this fabulous event so you can experience it with us!

Thank you for all your support and for helping us to get to this point…we are only going to get better, so stick with us and see what other Little surprises we have in store!

Believe me you wont want to miss out….