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Tina Stubbs

Founder & Author


The author and illustrator behind the ‘Life’s Little Bugs’, set out with a goal to develop a series of picture books that will engage young readers with good habits in a positive, fun way. With art and graphics always being a major passion of Tina’s, she had studied CAD and graphic design at college whilst also working in the corporate world of sales. She eventually went on to achieve a diploma in Children’s Illustration from the London Art College, helping her to transform the Life’s Little Bugs characters she had already designed into lovely book illustrations. Tina wanted the Life’s Little Bugs collection to be engaging by its rhyming style and colourful illustrations, as well as a solid reference for teaching young children about health and wellbeing. Throughout the process of creating Life’s Little Bugs, Tina also sought advice from professionals in health, hygiene and social behaviour to ensure accuracy of information in her stories. As such, each book comes with its own set of rules to follow that support the development of these little life lessons, from hand-washing to treating others with respect. Through her interest in learning methods, Tina has come to understand the importance of repetition in helping children learn. As a result of her research, she has designed rewards charts and extra activities alongside the Life’s Little Bugs book collection that consolidate the positive messages discussed in the stories. Tina currently lives in Berkshire with her partner and Ziggy the dog. Her son who was the influence behind the concept of Life’s Little Bugs has now ‘flown the nest’ to travel. She keeps busy between home, London and Norfolk where she indulges her love of exploring the great outdoors, yoga and visiting friends and family. Tina often visits schools and libraries for readings of the Life’s Little Bugs stories which are always followed by fun activities for the children to get involved with. These events are popularly attended by young children and their parents, all of whom have adored the quirky illustrations and engaging rhymes in the books. Most of all, Tina is a great believer that enjoyment is the best way to learn. She eagerly looks forward to seeing how Life’s Little Bugs might impact the lives of today’s youngsters.


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